Sunday, June 23, 2013

grand duchy of luxembourg

so i've been promising to write about my not-so-recent-anymore trip to benelux.  now that i've got plenty of free time, i should probably get on with that since i also want to tell you all about my upcoming adventures as well as all the shit i've been doing since i last updated.

let's start with luxembourg.

hostel: i stayed at the youth hostel luxembourg city (a member of hosteling international).  it was super clean but the walls were comparable to paper (there was a large group of very young german students staying there and i could hear every word that i didn't understand).  my roommates were a 40-something mother and her 13 year old daughter the first night and then one girl whom i didn't really speak with and one whom i definitely didn't speak with (since she stayed out all night) the second.

transport: i flew to lux from london and had no issues.  i also took the bus to my hostel and then later from my hostel to the train station.  very easy to use.  for daily travel, i just walked everywhere.  the old city is very small and easy to navigate but if you wanted to go further, bus.

food: om nom nom.  i am very picky with food so lots of "traditional" foods easily slip by me, but what i did eat was tasty.  very expensive, though, and i had a hard time deciding where to eat.

communication: everyone spoke english.  nbd.  moving on.

sights: i went into the petrusse casemates on a tour - super cool - and also did the bock casemates (self-guided).  lots of stairs but really interesting to see all of the old stuff deep under the city!  in general though, i just did a lot of walking around and looking at stuff, like the grand ducal palace and the golden lady.

nightlife: didn't do anything here so not sure.  also, i was definitely not there during peak season - i felt like i hardly saw anyone plus the weather that week was awful - cold and rainy :(


like a boss.

grand ducal palace