Friday, August 17, 2012

my bad.

well, i definitely started this with the intention of actually keeping up with it.  my bad.  let me try to start this again as in one month from tomorrow i will for realz be moving to england.  what have you missed?  let me tell you.

- i moved back in with my parents at the end of july.  i watch a lot of roseanne.
- i applied for my student visa.
- i got my new macbook pro with retina display!
- i found out my macbook pro with retina display does not have a disc drive and i need to go buy one
- i never eat candy, unlike at work where i ate minimum 5 pieces a day
- i spent wayyyy more money than i should have considering i am unemployed

ok, so that's a pretty fair update.  i'm going to boston tomorrow for a week to see my alex and of course friends as well.  beach, lazying around while alex works, restaurant week x2, trivia, dinner parties, hot damn i'm popular!  how convenient that i remembered to update this just before i leave on vacation for two weeks.  maybe i'll write some crap there.