Tuesday, July 17, 2012


how am i sick in july?  oh, it probably has something to do with the fact that it is like being in a furnace at the bottom of hell when you go outside but step inside 95% of the buildings and you start looking for santa and presents because all air conditioners everywhere are set at "north pole."

not sure if i introduced this before, but i have been doing masters gymnastics which i will sadly have to leave when i move to england as no masters classes are anywhere near my new school.  last night, thanks to the my gym falling in that 5% category of having no a/c, everyone was literally dripping sweat, even when we weren't doing anything but standing around.  nasty.

the dehydration, the outdoors heat, and the a/c in my bedroom have, as i have convinced myself, caused my current illness.

i wish i had called out sick at work.


Monday, July 16, 2012

2 weeks notice

these kids have known for months that i'm peacing out, but today marks the beginning of the end.  today is the first day of my last two weeks.  thank GOD.  i will miss a lot of my friends at work, but to cut a saga way short, there's a lot i won't miss and that's the part i'm cherishing about leaving.  the stock of good people is diminishing as we speak - one person left two weeks ago because her husband got a new job in seattle and another will be leaving the end of this week.  one of my bffs left early june and another is leaving a week or two after me.

le sigh.

i still haven't packed for shit.


Friday, July 13, 2012

july 26th

ok, it's friday.  thank JESUS.  checked out does not even begin to describe my behavior at work.  besides doing minimal work and playing simcity social on facebook all day, i have also been blatantly wearing flip flops around the office like nbd.  while we don't have an official dress code saying this is a no-no, it's kind of one of those unwritten/unspoken/unwhatever rules.  today they happen to be cute gladiator sandals, but the rest of the week?  eff it.  flops from j.crew that have been worn to the beach for the past 2 summers all-the-way.

in the manner of checking out, i'm also finally in a epic fashion getting knighted at the BU pub.  what the hell am i talking about?  why let me explain!  briefly, 21+ BU students are able to go to the BU pub in the castle, drink a whole crap of beers (at this current time it is 50 - much lower from when i was a junior/senior but that's a story for another day) then your friends pick a terrible name for you and you get knighted at the pub with said name which then gets slapped onto a mug and voila - knighted.  like a bauss.

it has some how taken me 5 years to get this shite done with.  typically they do no knight during the summer, but my buddy the bartender said i could get knighted if i could guarantee 20 people.  so guess what i'm doing?  guaranteeing 20 people.  gangstaaaaaa!

july 26th.  be ready for it.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Viel Scheiße ist auf meinem Schreibtisch.

i finally put a few things into my bag to take home tonight as well as gave two of my coworkers some stuff.  what items might i possibly want to take home, you ask?  oh that's easy - stuffed giant microbes.  i nerd out to these things way too much.  as a microbiologist, they are the cutest little things i have ever seen!  i gifted a MRSA and kept a MRSA (why i had two i can't even begin to explain), gifted a mini Staph aureus and a large Staph aureus, and kept a mini one for myself.  i also plopped an E. coli in my bag.

now that i have sufficiently embarrassed myself, what do i do next?  i'll assess the rest of this crap tomorrow. or next week.  or the following week.  i think i might leave my singing justin beiber tooth brush (unused!) in one of my desk drawers for the next tenant.

i have been so sure of this decision since for forever.  moving to england is probably the biggest check mark on my life goals list.  it's all his fault i want to come back when i'm done with school - thanks alex.  jerk.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

free slurpee day?

here i am, counting down the days as i have been since i first sent in my applications to grad schools in england and realizing i have packed nothing.  my desk at work looks like the holiday isle at CVS vomited all its leftovers, my apartment looks like i plan on spending the rest of my life there, and as for the bf, if i could i would shove him in a box as well (with air holes and snacks, duh).

let's think about happier things: one thing i can't wait to do is travel.  i have been to a few places, but living in europe is going to be pretty sweet.  easy travel options, not too far, etc.  places i want to see in no particular order except that i want to see germany more than any of them:

1) germany
2) spain
3) sweden/finland/norway
4) switzerland
5) iceland?!
6) italy
7) hungary (my other grandmother is from there!)
8) ukraine
9) croatia
10) ireland
11) scotland
12) wales
13) worcester, england and liverpool, england (family ties, bitches)
14) russia!
15) pretty much every country so i'm not sure why i don't just list them all

i also want to see asia, africa, and oceania, but let's take this one step at a time people.  any suggestions out there to add to the list or maybe specific locations within these options?  i have been to paris before and the best theme park in the world (duh): disney land paris!  woot.

btw, it's free slurpee day at 7-11.  i hope they have flavored sugar slush in england.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

omg introductory post!!!

hi there.  i'm heather (see side bar).

i figured, as many do, that upon my epic move across the atlantic, i should probably start a blog to document all the awesomeness. [generiiicccccc.]  i have just 13 days left at work (thank GOD), but it's definitely going to be sad to pick up and leave boston.  tears will definitely be involved.

i have lived in boston for the past 8 years;  i went to school here - twice!;  i met some of my best friends (and frenemies) here;  i did crazy and stupid things to tell the grandkids about here;  and while boston isn't my hometown, it certainly has grown to be another home.  if the stars align properly, i may be back to settle down here.  if not, i'm sure i will be back.  this place is a mecca for science (which, as you will gather in the future, owns my soul).

come end of july i will be wasting time, money, and space in upstate ny with my parents (with several trips to visit the bf in boston, family on long island, and to panera bread or starbucks where i can mooch free wifi) until mid september when i move to england.