Tuesday, July 10, 2012

omg introductory post!!!

hi there.  i'm heather (see side bar).

i figured, as many do, that upon my epic move across the atlantic, i should probably start a blog to document all the awesomeness. [generiiicccccc.]  i have just 13 days left at work (thank GOD), but it's definitely going to be sad to pick up and leave boston.  tears will definitely be involved.

i have lived in boston for the past 8 years;  i went to school here - twice!;  i met some of my best friends (and frenemies) here;  i did crazy and stupid things to tell the grandkids about here;  and while boston isn't my hometown, it certainly has grown to be another home.  if the stars align properly, i may be back to settle down here.  if not, i'm sure i will be back.  this place is a mecca for science (which, as you will gather in the future, owns my soul).

come end of july i will be wasting time, money, and space in upstate ny with my parents (with several trips to visit the bf in boston, family on long island, and to panera bread or starbucks where i can mooch free wifi) until mid september when i move to england.


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