Friday, July 13, 2012

july 26th

ok, it's friday.  thank JESUS.  checked out does not even begin to describe my behavior at work.  besides doing minimal work and playing simcity social on facebook all day, i have also been blatantly wearing flip flops around the office like nbd.  while we don't have an official dress code saying this is a no-no, it's kind of one of those unwritten/unspoken/unwhatever rules.  today they happen to be cute gladiator sandals, but the rest of the week?  eff it.  flops from j.crew that have been worn to the beach for the past 2 summers all-the-way.

in the manner of checking out, i'm also finally in a epic fashion getting knighted at the BU pub.  what the hell am i talking about?  why let me explain!  briefly, 21+ BU students are able to go to the BU pub in the castle, drink a whole crap of beers (at this current time it is 50 - much lower from when i was a junior/senior but that's a story for another day) then your friends pick a terrible name for you and you get knighted at the pub with said name which then gets slapped onto a mug and voila - knighted.  like a bauss.

it has some how taken me 5 years to get this shite done with.  typically they do no knight during the summer, but my buddy the bartender said i could get knighted if i could guarantee 20 people.  so guess what i'm doing?  guaranteeing 20 people.  gangstaaaaaa!

july 26th.  be ready for it.


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