Wednesday, July 11, 2012

free slurpee day?

here i am, counting down the days as i have been since i first sent in my applications to grad schools in england and realizing i have packed nothing.  my desk at work looks like the holiday isle at CVS vomited all its leftovers, my apartment looks like i plan on spending the rest of my life there, and as for the bf, if i could i would shove him in a box as well (with air holes and snacks, duh).

let's think about happier things: one thing i can't wait to do is travel.  i have been to a few places, but living in europe is going to be pretty sweet.  easy travel options, not too far, etc.  places i want to see in no particular order except that i want to see germany more than any of them:

1) germany
2) spain
3) sweden/finland/norway
4) switzerland
5) iceland?!
6) italy
7) hungary (my other grandmother is from there!)
8) ukraine
9) croatia
10) ireland
11) scotland
12) wales
13) worcester, england and liverpool, england (family ties, bitches)
14) russia!
15) pretty much every country so i'm not sure why i don't just list them all

i also want to see asia, africa, and oceania, but let's take this one step at a time people.  any suggestions out there to add to the list or maybe specific locations within these options?  i have been to paris before and the best theme park in the world (duh): disney land paris!  woot.

btw, it's free slurpee day at 7-11.  i hope they have flavored sugar slush in england.


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