Monday, March 11, 2013

new and/or exciting

i was about to start this entry about how nothing new or exciting has happened but then i realised a lot of new and exciting things have happened!  ok, maybe not so many, but some.  a few.  a couple?

in 2.5 weeks i will be heading to italy with my cheerleading team for some beaching, boozing, and of course cheerleading.  we are road tripping there (18 hours+ on a coach bus) and then eventually flying back after our week of being awesome.

eurotrip part II then takes over - my family was supposed to come visit me for me second two weeks of spring break, but were unable to due to my grandma being ill so i booked myself a little excursion.  tickets to the US were disgustingly expensive so even though i wanted to see my bf, grandma, and pets (and of course other family and friends), i decided to make the most of my time living abroad.  i will be flying to luxembourg then spending two nights there, two in brussels, two in antwerp, two in rotterdam, and two in amsterdam.  i am SO excited!  i'm staying in hostels with the off-chance hope of meeting fellow travellers who need a buddy but even if not, it's still way cheaper than a hotel.

can any of my avid readers offer any advice or suggestions about any of these cities?  like i've said, i already have places to stay.

of course a side story on this is that my credit card company is very diligent: they saw all of my europe bookings and when i went to make the final payment for my eurail benelux pass (woot!) they rejected it and flagged my account.  this is why i put my mother's name on the account as well - she was able to call from the US and explain that these were not fraudulent charges and i was in fact buying a whole bunch of crap.  i mean, i could have called collect from here but 1) i hate making phone calls and 2) i haven't the slightest idea of how to get an operator on the phone.  is it 0 like in the US?  i tried googling but i don't think any people ever need to do that anymore so that was a fail.  good job L$ [my mom] was around.

so, what else?  well, one of my 2.5 non-cheerleading friends (i say 2.5 because i have only just met the 0.5 and we are not besties or anything yet, lol) is moving back home to trinidad on wednesday.  it is very sad but i think it is best for her.  after some not-so-great things happened in her life, she has kind of been being a little of out control.  of course i will have 1 less friend here.  le sigh.

i have also been epically slacking on my lab work.  maybe i should get to essay writing.  stresssss.