Saturday, February 15, 2014

EEEEE! my friends are coming!

yay! tomorrow my friends jenn and irene are coming to london! i'm pretty excited. hopefully i will go and meet them at their hotel and get lunch and then just general hanging out until i take one of the last trains back. i had originally planned on staying in ldn with them but due to science taking over my life, it's not proving possible. sigh.

luckily, tomorrow's weather is looking up. for the past few weeks it has practically been a monsoon over here. the whole south of england is epically flooded - like legit homes underwater and some towns having to be abandoned. my school, as well as most of the town, sits up on a couple of hills but down in the valley aka town centre with all of the shopping and pubs etc. the river has flooded well over its banks, up over a foot/bike path and up the seat part of some benches. the sun is out now but it the weather was bipolar for all of the morning switching from darks skies and violent downpours to beautiful blue minimally cloudy skies. ridiculous.

typical england.

i love going into london and i can't wait to see my friends! i think they may even come out to see my school! must clean my disaster of a room...


Sunday, February 2, 2014

first cheer comp!

on the top of my usual agenda is cheerleading.  on saturday my team had our first competition of the year and it went so well!  first place :) very proud.  i must have watched the video 100 times already! we have a few things to work on for our next comp, which will be much bigger and against a lot more teams, but we can definitely nail it.  i think our coach may add a few more difficulty items to get our points higher, too, but overall our scoresheet was impressive!  can't wait for the next one!

Sarah, Bianca, Anna, and me!

24 out of 30 of our team members + our first place trophy!

Coach Dan, me, and le trophy

time to go win some more!