Thursday, July 12, 2012

Viel Scheiße ist auf meinem Schreibtisch.

i finally put a few things into my bag to take home tonight as well as gave two of my coworkers some stuff.  what items might i possibly want to take home, you ask?  oh that's easy - stuffed giant microbes.  i nerd out to these things way too much.  as a microbiologist, they are the cutest little things i have ever seen!  i gifted a MRSA and kept a MRSA (why i had two i can't even begin to explain), gifted a mini Staph aureus and a large Staph aureus, and kept a mini one for myself.  i also plopped an E. coli in my bag.

now that i have sufficiently embarrassed myself, what do i do next?  i'll assess the rest of this crap tomorrow. or next week.  or the following week.  i think i might leave my singing justin beiber tooth brush (unused!) in one of my desk drawers for the next tenant.

i have been so sure of this decision since for forever.  moving to england is probably the biggest check mark on my life goals list.  it's all his fault i want to come back when i'm done with school - thanks alex.  jerk.


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