Tuesday, April 2, 2013

what i've been up to, or, heather's list of complaints

where have i been, you ask?  oh, the usual slacking off and not writing anything - but more importantly, italy!  i just got back from a cheerleading trip to rimini, italy.  to start off, the weather was horrific - freezing cold and rain every day.  also, sitting on a coach for 25 hours was unpleasant to say the least (that's right - we drove there from england).

brief summary: their was an evil biznatch nicknamed "quagmire" - think family guy - in charge of the cheerleading bits of our trip who didn't like doing her job/was lazy and so told us not to bother showing up to day 2.  we did show up however and even though it was brief, we did get to try some new things.   our group leaders (aka our social secs from the team) did an awesome job so the party times were lots of fun.

what's up next: i'm leaving for luxembourg tomorrow!  i will be visiting luxembourg, brussels, antwerp, rotterdam, and amsterdam.  i've got crazy touristy maps and my camera in hand ready to go and as always, a way over packed suitcase.

to keep you up to date: i still live with idiots.  this one girl has now walked out of the kitchen twice in front of me and left the hob on.  she is also the one i hate the most - she barely says hi to me, never smiles, and in addition to creating a fire hazard also left a sloppy nasty mess all over the stove - and to think i was blaming the boys!  rage.

right now i'm sitting in my flat alone while one of the idiots' alarms or something has been going off for the past 3 hours (they shut off the electric for some maintenance and when it came back on, this beeping began).  also, we haven't had overhead lighting in my flat (all rooms/bathrooms and corridor) since sunday night - just my flat.  i can see the others have their lights on.  it just randomly went off and has refused to come back on.  of course after submitting a report online sunday and nothing being done about it, i finally went to the security office (because normal offices are closed) and was like wtf, mate? bets on this not getting fixed before i leave tomorrow.

wow - my blog has really just turned into a "heather's list of complaints."  i will try to juice it up, hopefully with some great stories from my benelux excursion.  here: enjoy this pic of my friends and i as cave girls in italy.


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