Thursday, January 30, 2014

i'm back!

ok, so this may have taken the cake as longest absence from this blog but i really need to be fair on myself and hope to be given some sort of break by my avid readers.  the last few months have been very difficult since coming back to england for my final year.  first, i was in and out of the hospital (love the health system here, by the way!).  then i lost my jordan.  then i lost my grandma.  and i couldn't get home for the funeral.  to say life has been trying would be an understatement.  it was all this grief and stress and on top of it i was trying to run a cheerleading squad and do adequate lab work.

i've just had my last exam yesterday.  it went super awesomely (i think?) but i also had an exam last week which did not go so super awesomely.  i told myself i wouldn't write a blog post until the revision was done so here i am.  i still have to make a research poster (literally need to be done with draft one tonight) but i'm giving myself a little slack.

we have our first cheerleading competition this weekend!  so excited and nervous.  i threw out my back last wednesday and subsequently couldn't practice the rest of wednesday or friday at all. even yesterday i only half-assed stuff due to le injury.  one of our flyers busted her knee and can't lock it out (FML) so we may have some awkward routine missing a person.  sigh.

unrelated to my general dramas of life, but in my distracted mind this past week i was thinking about blogging and how i hadn't been on here in eons.  i was thinking, maybe i should just start a new one, start fresh?  maybe make more of a general one to get some click traffic?  my thoughts today are similar but less destructive of this blog than last week.  i think i will keep this one as my personal blog buy maybe will start a more general one.  i've already thought up some great topics i can word vomit about that both interest me and are more general about life:
- stuff i like (make-up products, foods, etc)
- books and reviews (i read so many books, how the hell am i not reviewing any?)
- cheerleading!
- science (obv)
- travel
have any other suggestions?  i want to keep it in the scope of shit that interests me and i can have a valid opinion on.  for example, i would not write about this year's winter olympics luge teams because i have no idea about it, who they are, or even how to luge but i would write about cheerleading because i run this show.  heh.

well it's breakfast time.  i was all set to watch my US shows online only to discover that none of them aired new episodes last night!  (i'm talking to you, CSI and criminal minds!  jerks.)  so sad.  netflix just isn't doing it for me over here - the selection is incredibly slimmer not to mention they cut half of the (children's) programmes i liked watching (hey! arnold, por ejemplo).  i will hopefully see you clowns soon... especially because i need to talk about my christmas/birthday present, harry!


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