Monday, November 26, 2012

black friday

one thing i miss the most about living in england is the gluttony that comes with thanksgiving and the madness that comes with black friday (note: black friday is my fave holiday ever).  this year, while most americans gorged themselves on turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes and PIE, i went to lab just like any other day, got lunch (bread with melted cheese and tomato), and cracked open a diet coke.  while i was and still am disappointed that i missed all of the in-store black friday action, at the very least most stores offer some sort of online deals.  for example - spend $65 at victoria's secret and get a free tote filled with lotions and crap plus free shipping over $50.  (the number of VS totes i have is, by the way, ridiculous.)

so far this holiday season, i have purchased 2 items for other people and 22 things for myself.  my niece is getting a coach wristlet and my bf is getting... a gift that i don't want to mention here in case he happens to read this.  what can i say, there were great "me" deals!  VS of course; old navy had kickass athletic clothes sales; a new pair of "wide calf" riding boots for my obese calves; a new coach keychain (shameless); new jewelry from lia sophia.  fml i am so poor.  thank jesus for student loans!

updates on life in general:

- flatmates suck and have left the hob on again with nothing on it twice this week.
- cheerleading is kickass except i hurt my back last friday and uh, yeah it's actually really bad and i should probably rest for like 2 weeks but am going to exercise anyways.
- course is good, started growing some mammalian cells woot!  i'm a real scientist!

i really want to move furniture around in my room, which of course i decided while my back is at its worst and i cannot physically move said furniture.  le sigh.


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