Friday, November 16, 2012

summarizing the last few weeks...

i am SO bad at this updating thing GAH!!!  okay, let me summarize the last few weeks:

- my flatmates still suck.  either my flat didn't get delivered toilet paper by the university staff or one of them stole all of it (most likely as they also feel the need to take out a roll and use it as kitchen towels, which obviously are not used very well as the kitchen is a nasty mess).  i have finally spied male flatmate #2 several times; i have said hi each time and all i get is a head nod and silence.  last night, i finally saw female flatmate #3.  i have decided i hate her the most.  i have only just seen her, though she appears to be bffs with my other chinese roommates, and when i held the front door open for her bf who was leaving (he said thank you), she literally ignored me, turned around, and started talking to another flatmate in chinese.  [insert an infinite number os swear words here.]

- my master's project is finally settled!  i've handed in the paperwork and begun mapping out a method with my supervisor and a few other random helpful people.  i mean sure, it could get rejected, but i doubt it as it will be awesome.

- one class ("module") is over, paper submitted and awaiting grading.  started the newest one yesterday.

- i'm getting TB vaccinated!  i love vaccination.  if you are anti-vaccination, please get the hell off my blog.  it's your fault people are dying of preventable and curable diseases.  jerk.

- i lovelovelove cheerleading!  it is definitely what has been missing in my life.  if has helped me lose 15 lbs since moving to england, and i'm sure many more, and i can see the tone coming back in my arms.  LOVE.  not to mention my team is really fun and is filled with great people!!!  current goal: make jumps suck less.

- i went to america!  for a wedding!  i was going to post a "brb, going to america" post but last week was a hectic nightmare trying to get all my coursework and project finished before i left.  i went to boston, got to see my amazing bf, then we went down to maryland for one of my bestest friend's weddings (which i was a bridesmaid in!), then visited a friend in baltimore, then back up to boston where i stocked up on cheap american goods from CVS.  i did this all within 4.5 days.  traveling champion!

ok, so that's pretty much it.  i want to try to get some pics up here for all of my avid readers (although the only one i am aware of i am also fb friends with so she sees them anyways, haha), but also just because i think blogs are boring with just words.  it's 2012, i should be able to spice this crap up.

on an unrelated but MIND-BLOWING note: did you know that The Giver has 3 effing sequels?!  i'm getting on reading those stat - they're already loaded on my kindle!!!


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