Friday, October 26, 2012

procrastinating because "i'm sick"

i've had quite the unpleasant positive sense single stranded RNA rhinovirus the past two and a half days and i am using it to its full procrastination potential.  every time i even think of working on school work, my reasoning tells me: "it's ok, you're sick, wait 'til tomorrow."  i did manage to get a little note taking done yesterday and today, but of course am slacking on the important project proposal and research paper.  in fact, i'm even using this blog as a pawn in my game.

despite being sick, i still managed to get to competition cheerleading practice on wednesday (the team i had to try-out for and made, like a boss) and game squad cheerleading last night (the one open to everyone).  sadly practice was cancelled for tonight but considering my ailments, i probably shouldn't be too upset.  also, regarding games squad, i am proud to say that i am also loud as hell - just like my days cheering in high school.  win.

we are having a rugby-cheer social for halloween next friday, which i should be well enough for by then, and it's harry potter themed.  going out of the box a little, i've got a great plan to be a [skanky] umbridge - pink dress, pink shoes, heinous cat brooch, a stick for a wand.  hopefully i can find everything - might have to craft the brooch though!  student loans at work here, people.  at least clothes for her are wearable again - how many times does the average person have to chance to wear a wizard's robe?


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