Saturday, October 13, 2012

passive aggressive.

i didn't realise how long it had been since i last posted until vanessa pointed it out a few days ago.  and then i still didn't post anything until now.  the last week has been both awesome and involved a minor breakdown, compliments of my inconsiderate flatmates.

cheerleading has been going awesome.  competition team try-outs are next friday (eek!) and my jumps blow, but at least i can do gymnastics-y things and main base like a boss.  also my knee is not doing so well.  let's just say i'm pretty sure i'm going to need surgery on it at some point, but i refuse to do anything about it now and screw up my chance to do cheer again.  probably not the best idea on my part, but... YOLO!

class has been good, too.  i have a good group of classmates - i even went to a pub quiz last monday with my friend matt!  and i finally chose my research project!  i wish i saw my new friends more though.  will have to work on that

now that i've shared the good, let me share the awful.  thursday night i went into our kitchen to make dinner (read: i went to go microwave something).  first of all, it looks like someone smeared their food all over every surface, including leaving lettuce bits out to rot on the counter.  i am by no means a clean freak, but this was - and still is - disgusting.  we have cleaners come once a month but if it's too gross (like right now) we can actually get fined.

wait wait - it gets better.  both the hob (stove top) AND oven were on.  with nothing cooking.  and the lights off.  no one around.  for REAL?!  i live with idiots.  i actually started crying in the kitchen because i can't believe their stupidity and lack of respect for me and the other non-messy flatmates (if there are any others).  then i went to make my food only to discover someone took it upon themselves to move all of my stuff around.  i promptly went to my room, passive aggressively slammed the door, got a sharpie, left, passive aggressively slammed the door, and labeled all of my stuff in the fridge.  it's not even that i think they were using it - but i couldn't even find it.  also there was absolutely NO reason for it to have been moved in the first place.

one of the mysterious flatmates that never shows face actually appeared!  a guy.  i was too upset to introduce myself - i thought i would either burst out crying again or start screaming.  did he bother to introduce himself?  of course not.  i doubt he had as elaborate as a reason as me either.

that being said, i may contact our mentor (aka RA) about the inconsiderate jerk(s) i live with and have him mediate.  i can't handle situations like this - nor have i ever had to.  i don't like being the j-hole here, but if it comes down to it, i will turn all of them into accommodations regarding their "extra appliances" in the kitchen.  i don't want to be that jerk and honestly, i don't care - get whatever accommodations-illegal appliances you want - but disrespect me and my stuff and you can bet i'll do worse to you.

wow, now that that rant is over, i'll finish this entry off with one final happy thought:


i'm gonna marry him someday.


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