Friday, October 5, 2012


i should probably update you since my last post as it has been a few days and a LOT has happened - good stuff, it's getting better!  yay!

still nothing positive to say about the flatmates, other than they are at least quiet.

let's start with school.  wednesday we had our first round of class.  i learned that i know absolutely nothing about viruses and will probably need to study my ass off for module 1.  on the bright side, had lunch again with two classmates matt and raphaella (both part time) and went for coffee after with them as well and with another part-timer myriam and a second year dominique.  hooray for new friends!  met with a couple more potential supervisors, trying to sort if all out.

i bet what you're really wondering is how cheerleading is going.  well, it's going freaking awesome!  i miss this SO much!  my body, on the other hand, hates me.  we had practice wednesday night and tonight and i don't know if i'll be able to walk tomorrow.  me a lot of great people there as well.

so the friends bit.  working on it, working on it!  dominique had me over for dinner last night - SO nice of her!  got to meet her flatmates, too.  very nice :)  i also went out on wednesday with the cheerleaders after practice!  i think maybe i'm a little too old to be partying like i did at the students' union and dancing on stage, but whatever.  it was awesome!

and - wait for it....................

I FINALLY GOT A PHONE!  sweet baby jesus that took long enough!  now i can call... dominique lol.  she is currently my only UK contact (no way in herll i'm paying the fees to call all you folks back in the US).  need to download "WhatsApp" - an app so i can text everyone!  for free!  lol.  oh, and everyone else needs to download it, too.

well, i think that pretty much sums up the last few days.


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