Monday, October 1, 2012

pumpkin spice latte connoisseur

yes, that's right - i am a starbucks pumpkin spice latte connoisseur.  if i could name my favourite food or beverage product i've ever had ever, it would be the starbucks pumpkin spice latte.  i can't explain it - that delicious fake pumpkin flavour mixed with espresso and steamed milk?  yum yum YUM!

ok, i know that makes me sound ridiculous, but i suppose if you have never met me then you don't know that, in fact, i am quite ridiculous.

i had my first english PSL today.  it was pretty delicious, though perhaps had less pumpkin syrup than i've found US starbuckses like to pump into theirs.  that being said, i have had less syrupy ones in the US, it really does depend on the barista.  thank god my tutor paid for it (tutor=personal advisor) as it was about $4.70 for a tall... lolz its about the same price at many US places, such as the JFK airport.  i guess i just justified buying more myself.  damnit!

i met with my tutor today to go over sciencey things, such as my research project and the various labs i could work in (which we discussed over our starbucks).  very helpful!  and she was very nice, also a super huge plus!  i got a lab tour, as well - and i am excited to say that they have a tech who cleans and autoclaves ALL of the jars!  hooray!  i am going to set up appointments with others to discuss their labs.  can't wait til wednesday when i get to meet more of my classmates as i am the only entering full time MSc student (last year they had 10!) so i've really got quite the pick of projects.  winning?  we shall see.

i also bought a university sweatshirt - going to any university anywhere is not complete without appropriate obnoxious attire.  mine is a bright blue.

yeah, that's pretty much my exciting day.  at the very least, way more exciting than yesterday.


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