Monday, February 4, 2013


so remember that time i haven't written in this thing in forever?!?!  my bad.  my new semester starts this week (classes start wednesday) so perhaps i will use that as a starting point to remember to keep up with this.  i know i have bajillions of readers (lolz), so i will begin with an update of the last 2+ months.

let's begin with the fist half of december:
i was rushing around with my friend and assigned group partner on an oral presentation as well as a poster presentation which kept me busy and a little stressed - the stress mainly coming from the fact that we technically had a 3rd group member who contributed absolutely nothing.  i was also getting in the lab more and got to play with chemicals (with supervision from an actual chemist, haha) for my research project.  there was also the packing and cleaning and preparing for my trip home to the US for christmas.

once i got back to the US in mid-december:
can i just say i love virgin atlantic?  i have been upgraded more than once (free) to those extra legroom seats but on my journey back to the US they upgraded me to premium economy (basically, business class or one step below first class) which meant i got a GIANT seat with foot rest (ooooooh!  aaaaaaah!) and was served champagne upon boarding.  the food was even classy, with adorable salt and pepper shakers and of course, more booze.  [see instagram pic below]

when i got to america, i spent a week at my boyfriend's in boston being epically jet-lagged for most of the trip but still managing a night of raging with my old coworkers.  i then went to my parents' house in new york where i got to see my cousins, sister and her family, grandma, and this cuddly face:

^ that's jordan, i <3 him!

then it was back out to boston for a little over a week comprising of NYE and the triple birthday - me, my bestie caroline, and the bf ALL have the same bday!  caroline and i are the same day/same year while the bf is only same day (two years older which means he'll be 30 before me, heh).

january 9th to present:
i flew back to the UK, slept all day, and then did some cheerleading.  then began crunch time: i had a paper due and an exam on the 15th so i spent the next week cramming and writing.  once that was done, i spent minimal time in lab and lots of time working on our cheerleading routine.  we had our first competition this past saturday that all i can say, did not go as planned in terms of placing.  the routine was fine (with a few noted mistakes with me/my second stunt group), but we were missing a key tumbler and a key flyer who were away and injured, respectively, so that really knocked down our points.  anyways, now we just need to work harder for the next one at the end of the month!  i think we can do it.  there're are few things we can add to increase our point value as well as both missing people will, fingers crossed, be back with no new injuries from others.

and that's that.  like i said, lecture starts on wednesday (epidemiology which i probably shouldn't even be taking, lolz) and i've got to get some stuff done in lab as well as lots of cheerleading.

we are having a cheerleading/american football social this friday that is "american" themed - should be easy for me to dress up..


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