Monday, February 25, 2013

life goes on

5th place, bitches!

yesterday, my cheerleading team placed 5th out of 12 teams competing in our division.  needless to say, we were super excited.  we were out only one person due to injuries this time and despite throwing my back out on friday, i was able to make it through the competition (ibuprofen + deep heat, FTW).  granted now my back is completely shot and i'm hoping to get to a doctor this week so i can get some stronger drogas.

what else is going on?  nothing really.  i am siting in on our board of studies meeting as a programme rep along with my friend in the course.  i am still lazily getting stuff done in the lab.  i am considering doing laundry if my back can manage carrying all this crap.

oh!   - we had our team photo taken today, which came out kickass (except for the fact that we were missing 5 people, womp womp).

besides cheer comp yesterday, life is boring as of now until probably late march when we will have more cheerleading and then i and my teammates will be going on tour to ITALIA!!!  can NOT wait!


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