Monday, February 18, 2013

nothing to report.

life is continuing to drag onward.  i really have nothing much new to say since my last post, which was about 2 weeks ago.  today is a holiday in america (omgee presidents what up?!) but alas, i live in the UK now.  no presidents.  no holiday.  - although let's be realistic, if i were still in the US i bet i would have to turn up to my job.  today is just a normal day.

we had a really good social between the cheerleaders and american football players two weekends ago - lots of games and unlike some others i have been to, actually quite social.  i am proud to say i interacted with new people and thus made some new friends!  lol.  score.  we have another social tonight with the AF-ers which i will attend but lay off the booze - it's a monday, people.  a monday.

we have our next cheerleading competition this weekend in which we will hopefully do much much better.  we have been working our asses off; additionally, some stuff has been changed so it looks more clean/awesome.  granted people are getting broken left and right (a knee here, a finger there, and a back  or two), i think we will be awesome this weekend.  awesome.

ok, like i said, not much going on, but i figured i should at least update this thing once in a while.

oh, and i still hate my flatmates.  they are awful and rude and terrible human beings.


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