Friday, July 19, 2013

brussels, belgium

ok, so i guess i should get on with the other cities of my benelux excursion before i need to blog about my spain trip so that's my new goal - write these and publish them before i leave on 26 july!

let's get going.  my next stop, after a 3 hour train ride from luxembourg city, was brussels, belgium.

hostel: i stayed at the brussels hello hostel.  it happened to be under construction on the ground floor while i was there, but this didn't impede my stay in any way as my room/showers/toilets were all on the first floor.  i didn't have great roommates - two girls from canada who seemed to be having a great time but were only interested in each other, one chinese girl who didn't speak, and a spanish girl who was constantly whistling like a bird to call to her male friend staying in another room.  whistling girl was the most obnoxious of them all.  the bartender and her friend were really nice though and i spent both evenings chatting to them.  annoying, though - my room was directly above the bar and the music was SO LOUD.  sleep?  i guess i'll try that some time.

transport: i had no issues using the metro - very easy to use and very easy to access the whole city.  i did a lot of walking too which maybe was not the best idea - some areas were what i would consider sketch and as i was travelling alone, i felt quite uncomfortable at times; it's hard to tell where to go and where not to go on a map.

food: dear god, BELGIAN WAFFLES.  i nommed the crap out of these guys - only 1 euro + extra for toppings everywhereeee!  also, fries.  FRIES.  MORE FRIES.  really tasty and cheap and thus easy access.  restaurants were another situation - most places only had one veg option, veg lasagne, and no chicken option.  also, one place i went in wasn't serving food... even though it was "dinner time" and they had their menu out on the side walk.  i felt like the most awkward of turtles so i just had a beer and got fries afterwards from a truck.

communication: everyone spoke english, but a lot of menus weren't available in english so i did occasionally have to ask what stuff was.

sights: lots of walking.  my favorite place, as touristy as it was, was the grand place/grote markt.  i felt comfortable there amongst my fellow selfie-snappers and waffle stand queuers.  it was also beautiful!  there weather was shite - i had to buy an extra hoodie because i thought i was going to die - which may have contributed to this being my least favorite city.  the architecture was cool, but nothing that caught my eye.  i also went to a gueuze brewery - the cantillon brewery.  while it was in a less than ideal neighborhood, it was pretty cool to learn about their special beer making magic that involves letting every spider live and never clearing cobwebs.  i even bought myself a tshirt and my bf a pint glass!

nightlife: didn't do anything here, but the canadian girls seemed to be enjoying themselves.

grand place


obligatory peeing boy statue pic "manneken pis"

enjoying beer.  i look creepily happy.


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