Saturday, July 20, 2013

i love antwerp! i even bought the [obnoxious touristy] bag to prove it!

ok, my next city was antwerp, belgium.  not gonna lie - i was really excited to get out of brussels.  it didn't hurt that the weather was beautiful!  i got to antwerp and when i got off the tram was all smiles.  for real.  lots of creepy smiles.

here are things about my stay:

hostel: i stayed at the antwerp city hostel (a member of hosteling international).  it was super clean but also the equivalent of sterile.  SO much concrete.  SO MUCH!  here, however, i made some bffs.  second day i met a girl from brazil staying with me and we ended up having a drink together that evening which turned into us befriending two other solo travelers, two guys from italy and [french] canada.  all of the other guests were strangely doing work on their computers and in meetings - we were like, F that.  other than these, the hostel was in an excellent location and very easy to get to and from and nearby everything!

transport: i took the train and then the tram to my hostel, but i really could have walked from the train station to the hostel.  the tram runs all about but was pretty unnecessary.  antwerp was very walkable.

food: less exciting, though my food was good.  i had some pizza, ice cream from a truck, waffle from same truck, and the usual - BEER.

communication: everyone spoke english.  every menu was available in english.  easy.

sights:  i pretty much saw it all, but mostly from the outside - the schelde river, the 't steen castley thing, the grote markt, and the cathedral of our lady (which i paid to go in - student price FTW!).  i appreciated the architecture here more than in brussels even though i'm not sure of any striking differences; i think perhaps i just liked the city and the atmosphere here more and therefore liked the sites more.  antwerp is a small city however; you can do the whole thing in a day.

nightlife: i was there on sunday and monday nights so not too much going on, but my new friends and i made it out to a karaoke bar on monday which was quite hilarious as they offered songs in nearly every language!  one rando was particularly awesome having an incredible voice and singing songs in 5 different languages!


the schelde

't steen

cathedral of our lady


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