Sunday, July 21, 2013

rotterdam and its crazy buildings

next stop: rotterdam, the netherlands.

i know, i am beasting out these entires.  how?  how does she do it? how does she write these so promptly when usually she keeps us guessing for weeks, months even, at a time?  i'll tell you how.  magical elves, that's how.  and glitter. 

hostel: i stayed at the ROOMhostel.  it had recieved excellent reviews online but i was a little nervous when i got there and people were, as at the rest of my hostels, not very social.  the first night, i didn't care and i passed out - i was exhausted from antwerp shenanigans and didn't even hear people coming or going in that room.  this hostel was a nice than brussels but maybe a little ghettoer.  this gave to its charm; i ended up befriending two americans in a band (it was just the two of them though) who invited me to their show where i also got to interact a lot with the hostel employees, all super nice.  also, this place had a DOG.  spectacular!  one negative: the ladies' room ran out of TP nonstop and it took way too long to get it replaced.

transport: while there is a tram system running all over, i just walked everywhere. it was easier (and cheaper) that way.

food: i went to a few places that were recommended somewhere on the internet or by the hostel.  little/larger cafes - all excellent!  one thing, however, annoyed me - although i think this is a "problem" all over europe.  a "large coffee" was more like the size of an espresso, except it wasn't espresso - it was coffee.  i like my coffee venti sized, pls.

communication: again, english everywhere.

sights: i did a river cruise as well as a self-guided (free) architecture walking tour.  the cruise probs would have been better if the weather weren't shit, but i got to learn about the city and see a bajllion shipping crates (no, seriously - a bajillion).  the architecture is cray there and definitely worth seeing!  i didn't go inside any place, but there were some tours available. 

nightlife: i was there on tuesday and wednesday nights - there was bar stuff going on, but not much.  my band friends attracted quite a crowd to a very tiny bar, but i think most people said those aren't really happenin' nights.


cube houses

the red apple

this one



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