Wednesday, September 12, 2012

bye bye, shoes

sweet baby jesus, this packing thing is awful.  i already had to sacrifice packing two pairs of shoes taking my total from 14 down to 12 (not including the pair i will be wearing), two long sleeve sleep shirts AND a sweater cardigan form the first suitcase to ensure that it is under 50 lbs.  the second one is going to prove harder... the thing is approx. 10% larger.  ugh.


ok, enough for the whining.  i had the "i'm freaking out' phase last sunday and now i'm really ramping up the "OMG SUPER EXCITED!" phase.  just a few last minute things to pick up tomorrow and the second bag can be officially packed.

i bet you're wondering how i'm weighing these bags.  i was hoping my dad had a large scale used to weigh deer (no, that is not a typo) but we had to settle for a fish scale... which we then proceeded to break after my dad climbed on a chair and the bag snapped the scale.  whoops.  we then busted out the bathroom scale for some real scientific measurements: my dad got on, weight read, then we added the bag, scale read, and found the difference.  #scienceFTW

i really need to not hashtag my blog.


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