Tuesday, September 18, 2012

moving to england, brb.

ok, so i'm finally in the airport and thank jesus they have free wifi otherwise i'd be real bored.  i'm very sad to be leaving the bf but i'm very excited to be moving to england (finally!).  the grand total:

1 checked bag = 22kg, or 48.5lbs
1 checked bag = 22.6kg, or 49.8lbs
1 carry-on bag = two laptops, an external hard drive, a disc drive, a bajillion cords, make-up bag, yoga pants
1 carry-on personal item = giantass purse, BU leather interview folder, passport, liquids bag stuffed with liquids, pants, umbrella
2 jackets i carried on

i feel like the packing champion, although i am definitely missing some stuff.  i hope nothing breaks.  my mom needs to mail me some stuff but it's going to cost $45 for a tiny box!  dumb.  the bf is bringing my winter jacket to a wedding we are attending in november.  i have too much stuff.  ugh.  UGH.

well, it's about that time to start gathering my things.  and buy a magazine.  and a bev.  and take my anti-sick plane drugs.  i suppose i can finally say this, as well:

moving to england, brb.

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