Tuesday, September 25, 2012

give me a cell phone, please.

just to warn you - there's going to be lots of wah wah wahing in this post.  moving to england is, apparently, quite difficult - or at least it has been for me.  i doubt it's like this for most people, but the last few days have been more stressful than one would like.

let me start with the easy one: lack of cell phone.  first world problem, this his proved to be impossible.  i want to get a monthly plan with, for me personally, better phone options, prices, and data packages.  to do this, i need a uk bank account - ok, 4 days later due to the weekend and that's finally set up...but i can't actually get the phone because i need my debit card which won't arrive for at least another 7 days.  obnoxious.  having a phone might have helped in situation number two -

EPIC BATHROOM LEAK!  okay, maybe not quite so epic, but nonetheless, a leak.  i suppose my upstairs neighbor ma have just moved in sunday, but the last two nights have been  2L water flood out of the side of my shower.  after two complaints, many waste container fillings and pourings down the drain, the maintenance men finally (hopefully) fixed the problem at 4:30pm today.  it's lucky i didn't write about this sooner, my post probably would have involved lots f rage and swearing.

and situation number 3.  apparently, i need to pay to go to school.  imagine that.  well, lucky for me, i got the cash flowing compliments of the US department of education way before i left.  unlucky for me, they don't disburse my cash money until october.  wouldn't you know, my first bill is due on 27 september?  right, ok, sorted that out but it took lots of tears and a few emails (thanks for nothing, FAFSA website contact us form!).  another situation i hope is resolved but still am rather wary on.

wouldn't it have been nice to have a phone last night at 11:30pm when water was flooding my bathroom?  or perhaps today when a financial counselor didn't know anything about US loans and suggested i ring them up?  right.  moving on.

i get my classes time table tomorrow.  i'm hopeful to be able to squeeze in a free language course in german, trouble is, they're all on wednesday and if my regular schedule doesn't fit, then no language class for me.  can't wait to meet my classmates since my flatmates are less than social.


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