Thursday, September 27, 2012

i love you, black beans

by some magical fairy, i was able to find all of the tasty ingredients i like to use to make enchiladas (shout out to vanessa for teaching me how to make them like her mom:) ).  the only ingredient i had to be "creative" with was black beans.

i walked down the canned veggie aisle to see shelves upon shelves of every type f bean you could imagine - except my fave, black beans.  this i do not understand.  there were about 20 varieties and brands of baked beans, then a bunch of red kidney beans, and even some black spotted beans, but no delicious black beans.  i ended up settling for a can of "mixed beans in spicy sauce," whatever that means.  the spicy part sounds yums.

now i just need a baking dish.  guess i'll be off to TKMaxx this weekend.

nothing else eventful to report.  my pseudo-classmates and i (pseudo because they group my programme with another programme for the basic training sessions and whatnot) got stood up by out lecturer.  it was annoying, but NBD.

i want to buy a hoodie from the students' unions but i wish i knew if they took credit cards without walking my lazy ass over there.


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