Wednesday, September 26, 2012


so i found out today that my programme (let's start using english people english, shall we?  yeah, i'm a tool, but i do honestly need to get used to it not that i'm here for the next two years) only has 6 or 7 people.  i say "or" because the programme directors were a little confused as to whether or not one individual was actually taking the course.  to add to that, only 4 of us actually showed up today.

and i was the only full time student.

let me describe my programme a little.  it's a 2 year MSc where i only take classes on wednesday - so even though i'm full time and the students i just met are part time, we still have all the same classes together.  they just work at their lab jobs the other four days while i work in a lab at the university on my research project.

i do like the three other classmates, so hopefully i'll eventually feel uncreepy enough to facebook friend them.  we all grabbed lunch and then sat through a 2 hour lecture on statistics so i think that qualifies us as bonded just a little.

school should be good - i'm glad i actually got to do something school-y today.  now i just need to pick out a research topic.


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