Friday, September 28, 2012


ahhh, the english term for freshmen (also termed "frosh" in the US).  today was they freshers' fayre, or as i like to call it, the activities expo.  i went out and slapped my email on a few lists, despite being a freshman, and wandered through my own personal hell.

so.  many.  people.  get.  out.  of.  my.  WAY!

mob scene is the only way to describe freshers' fayre.  all of the clubs and societies shoved under a giant tent with people pushing this way and that.  some going one direction, some going another, some completely stopped for now apparent reason in the middle of the walkway.  how am i supposed to find the clubs i'm interested in if i can't even see their group names?!

i managed to find cheerleading (yes, judge away!), trampolining (might be fun with my gymnastics experience), and snow sports - although i'm not quite sure where english people go skiing or snowboarding around here.  oh well, my board's back in the US anyways.  i wanted to find the biology club but somehow missed it.  after seeing facebook pics, i now know exactly why.  there were two signs in back of their booth that looked like they might be for some sort of ballroom dance club (really, they were to highlight the club's gala later on in the year).  in front of the booth was, i suppose, their actual signage but trying to get through that crowd was near impossible to find anything.

so, maybe i will join one of these clubs.  maybe.  and maybe i will make some friends finally.  hopefully.


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