Thursday, September 20, 2012

let's rant, shall we?

my favourite part of my trip to the uk has to be the 2 hours i waited in line at immigration.  "first time students" have to have extra identification and such, which means it takes longer - so they put us all in one line (from perhaps 8 flights that had just landed) with only 3 people working.  based on my own experience, i doubt i was the only one who did not have all of the appropriate documentation which only added to the wait.  were there other officers open and doing nothing?  why yes, yes there were.

a girl two behind me was given a time card when she got on line.  even one of the woman who worked for the border couldn't believe it took us 2 hours. "that's bad, that's really really bad." - quoted from the worker.  i think she even went and told her supervisor in disgust.

does this happen the same time every year?  yes.  did they know this volume of students would be entering?  yes.  did they do anything about it?  god, i felt like i was at the DMV back in the US!

ok, rant aside, my room is pretty legit.  private bathroom and bigger than i expected based on pics.  i have 5 flatmates (only met one of them, although i have a feeling two haven't moved in yet) and we share a kitchen.  i walked into town yesterday, where i've been once before when i came to look at the school last year, and threw down mad dough on life's essentials - a hair dryer and a flat iron.  i really need to go to the supermarket but i think i'm going to nap.  even though i slept a record number of hours for myself last night, i still feel jet lagged (out of 30 hours, i slept for about 4 of them).

i also need to rant about not having an iPhone 5...but we'll save that for tomorrow.  or later today.  whatever i decide.


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