Friday, September 14, 2012

first world problems.

i hope i'm not forgetting anything.  i am approximately 99% packed - tomorrow i will be in boston until tuesday when i finally leave for england.  i have an unbelievable (or, knowing me, quite believable) amount of crap.  clothes clothes clothes clothes clothes - and i'm barely bringing half of what i own!  ugh.  i'm still depressed about having to pull out those shoes.

on an angrier note, i wanted to preorder me the iPhone 5 today as that was going on - but guess what?  i can't.  FML.  apparently my credit card needs to be registered at the address that i would be charging the account to but vodafone wouldn't let me enter an international address online and my credit card company wouldn't let me change my address to an international one!  this is unfair.  i need to get my hands on the iPhone!


moving on.  last week i began instructions for my mother on how to use such devices as the television and our netflix account.  i predict disaster.  even with my carefully prepared 2 pages of info, she still had to take notes and add things - like the fact that i didn't explicitly write "turn TV on."

wow, i'm pretty whiny today for the fwp's.


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